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Municipal Coat of Arms

The graphic shows the Municipal Coat of Arms of the City of Düren. In a field of parted gold, you can see a black eagle with red claws on top and on the bottom a black lion with red tongue and claws. On top of the shield is a red castle.

The municipal Coat of Arms of the City of Düren.

Düren was established in the Frankish time before or around 700. Since 747, many Reich assemblies were held in Düren. Karl der Große (Charlemagne) frequently stayed in the Dürener Palatinate which was mentioned in 774 for the first time.

Then, around the end of the 12th century/ beginning of the 13th century, the beginning of a city wall solidified the place as a city. The oldest seal of Düren, from the first decades of the 13th century shows the king with ruler insignia, surrounded by fortification architecture. The transcription says: HOC EST REGALE SIGLLVM OPIDI DVRENSIS, which translates to "This is the royal seal of the City of Düren". Düren was explicitly named oppidum nostrum (imperial city) by the Emperor Friedrich II and the King Konrad IV in 1241/1246 and bonded to the Earl Wilhelm of Jülich. The repaying, which the empire reserved, never occurred due to a lack of money.

Around 1317, two different symbols appeared right next to each other on the seal of the court of two professional judges and two lay judges. On the left, the more exclusive place was the eagle, national emblem of the Holy Roman Empire, and on the right was the lion, the heraldic animal of the earls and dukes of Jülich. From the picture of the above mentioned seal, which documents the awkward position under constitutional law of the city, the City's municipal Coat of Arms evolved. On a stone from 1485, the eagle and the lion are described for the first time above each other in a shield as municipal. This arrangement carries on today, only the red castle was added in the 19th century: In a parted golden field, on the top a black eagle with red claws and on the bottom a black lion with red claws and tongue.

Authorization of Municipal Coat of Arms

The use of the Municipal Coat of Arms by an individual or organization is only allowed with an authorization by the mayor of the City of Düren. Requests for the Coat of Arms are gladly answered by Mrs. Düren. Telephone: +49 2421 25-2234, Contact form.

City Logo

The graphic shows the logo of the City of Düren, a symbiosis of the elements "Logo of the City's 1,250th anniversary, coat of arms and writing".

The Logo of the City of Düren.

The City's logo is a healthy symbiosis of the elements "Logo of the 1,250th anniversary celebration", "Coat of Arms", and "Writing". Embedded in the logo is the coat of arms. The two red bars of the logo run out of the black surface and loosen up the image. At the same time the bars are the dots on the Ü of the "Stadt Düren" which allows a good joining together of word and image. The red "ü" further connects the writing even more with the logo, which allows the color red (the original colors of the city of Düren are black and red) to come to the foreground. Both the writing and the bars are provided with a gray shadow to create a vivid impression and to highlight the writing more. The word "Düren", which in the original logo was positioned perpendicular in the black field, was omitted to avoid an unnecessary repetition.

Authorization City Logo

The logo is only used for publications of the City of Düren. The use by individuals or organizations is prohibited. Requests to the logo are gladly answered by Mrs. Birscot-Junkersdorf, Telephone: +49 2421 25-2235, Contact Form.

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