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Annakirmes (Anna Fair)

The picture shows part of the Ferris Wheel at the Anna Fair.

The Anna Fair has a total of over 150 shops and rides and a shop front of 2.5 km. It encompasses an area of over 50,000 square meters. It is one of the biggest fairs not only in Düren's region, but Germany. Once a year the carrousels, roller coasters, and the Ferris Wheel rise high above Düren and turn into the city's unique landmark for this time.
About 800,000 visitors enjoy the big event with its long summertime evenings, as you can enjoy the fair's special atmosphere late into the evening. Each year the local population awaits the newest developments of the fair rides with excitement. Many fairman see the Anna Fair as a final rehearsal for events like Munich's Oktoberfest, which is another reason to stop in Düren.

Please visit the website (german) for more information on the Fair along the Rur River.

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