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Castle Burgau

The main part of the Castle Burgau can look back on an eventful history. The first traceable owner is a knight known as Amilius de Owe. In 1236, he donated a pension for his daughters who joined the monastery Burtscheid. Archeological excavation in the northern part of the building showed that a first construction period started around 1100.
The romantic Water Castle shows itself with a new shine. It was destroyed in 1944 and stayed a ruin until 1975. Since its restoration in 1998, the Castle has been Düren's jewel again. The trademark of Castle Burgau is the gazebo built in 1551 (donated from a happy marriage), which dominates the view of the southern tower of the castle. The Vorburg (pre-part of the castle) was built in French times. Today it is home to the local association of Niederau, but can also be used for festivities and concerts by Düren's population. Here you can also find the Castle Café, which gives you the opportunity to rest from a beautiful walk through the forest along the pond, enjoying a cup of coffee and some cake.

Today Castle Burgau serves many purposes:

Recreational Area
Walking promenade, jogging, bike tours

Event Locations
The Winkelsaal in the pre-part of the castle can be rented by individuals, companies, event managers, etc. for parties, concerts, and dance events.

The main part of the Castle offers 450 square meters of excellent exhibition space. Good lighting, hanging systems, and transparency give room for constantly alternating exhibitions.

Concerts can be held in the exhibition rooms. A grand piano is available.

In the northern tower of the main castle, a 140 square meter conference room can be found.

Vault Cellar
The vault cellar can be found in the main castle, which is available for private parties or events.

Art Seminars
The northern tower is equipped with a big work room, especially for Art Seminars and Summer Academy. The castle offers some workshops with the guidance of professional artists. The room is available for rent.

Düren's Registry office offers the service of weddings in the gazebo room of the castle, but only on several select Saturdays during the year.

Old-timer Meetings, Medieval market, Summer festival, Open Air concerts, barbecue places (please contact Dürener Service Betrieb: +49 2421-9434-0), nearby animal shelter.

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